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it all started back in january of this year. my seattle-based homies the blue scholars were in town for the new years and to play a few shows. they had a video project that they were working on a for a new single the duo had finished writing. it was about hawai’i. by the time they left, we had filmed most of the video thanks to the guys at kai media.

a few months later, it all began coming together. the blue scholars had put together a few more tracks and the concept that eventually evolved into the OOF! EP began to take form. i was hired by the blue scholars to design the album cover, assist with filming b-roll for the video, design stickers, posters, a sampler mixtape, and other miscellaneous web banners and print material to help the blue scholars push their new EP and the full-length bayani redux LP. i was also hired to handle art direction for the blue scholars’ promotional material, videos, and web based promotion and sales.

this was an amazing project with an incredible group of people on board. the homies over at in4mation donated the OOF! logo and agreed to produce a limited-edition OOF! t-shirt and sticker based on my design as well as distribute the OOF! EP at their ward warehouse store. PFOM godfather aaron “angry woebots” martin did an original painting for the music video and along the way, also donated a limited edition poster and t-shirt design for the project. zia mohajerjasbi, the director who handled the blue scholars’ other video direction, stiched the raw footage we shot into an amazing video for the HI-808 track…turns out even yours truly had a cameo in the video. rad!! the video and EP have met with great success so far. in the week following its release on MTVU, HI-808 was at the top of the charts, in fact its still at #1 there. as of tonight, 8/26/09, the OOF! EP is rated #3 in the hip hop genre in iTunes, yeah that’s right, 2 slots above lil wayne. it’s such a good feeling to see friends of mine doing great things, and meeting with such success. truly.
from a design standpoint, i channeled vintage hawaiiana and tourist kitsch postcards to come up with a classic/semi cheesy look. this was a two-disc set and so provided a great chance to design something different. there was a blue daytime sky/orange sunset glow color scheme in the layout that translated into the colors chosen for the typography, and for the two discs.

i’ve included a few samples of a few of the things i designed for the project. mahalo to everyone involved in OOF! enjoy.






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  1. angel

    shoot loves that video HI808 OOF! EP

    Aug 26, 2009 @ 3:25 pm

  2. Honozooloo Design Study of OOF! | et cetera

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    Sep 01, 2009 @ 8:01 am

  3. Aaron Eskaran

    Hey Man!

    Good to see this! I was introduced to these guys by a buddy of mine a while ago and havent been able to stop listening to Bayani. They both have unreal talent! I’m not sure if I met you or not but I am also a “groundupper” and have seen a lot of your work. Sick stuff man. I live out in Utah and am trying to start some Pirate stuff out here. I’m currently in a couple bands and doing freelance artwork and photography kinda like you.

    I’ve gotten a bunch of my friends to start listening to these guys and was wondering how I can get in touch with them? We would love to have them come out to Utah and play a show. We’d set everything up. I work with a local label that I’m on called Northplatte Records.

    You’re doing some awesome work man! Kepp it up. I’m stoked on this EP. Hit me an email back if you can.

    much Aloha,


    Sep 03, 2009 @ 8:39 pm