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the soon-to-be-famous local band the jump offs recently had me shoot a series of press photos for them. we wanted a chinatown location without necessarily being overtly in chinatown…given the number of projects i’ve taken on in that short 4-block radius, finding locations that met that criteria was a challenge, to say the least. we finally decided on the green room upstairs in nextdoor during the day. light from the front windows shines into the green room and provides a crazy, backlit, warm, lens flare-happy backdrop that to me looked pretty sci-fi. i kept the floor wet to help increase the odds of lens flare keep things nice and reflective,and tried to position my subjects in ways that cut down on the flare.  while the results are pretty cool, these shots were pretty much a worst-case scenario for a photographer.  dimly lit, heavily backlit subjects wreak havoc on autofocus, which is a touchy issue when you’re shooting a fast prime lens that isn’t stopped down very much.  i used a simple strobist setup to properly light the subjects and cut down on my dependence on ambient light.  i blew through a series of group, individual candids, and a few group shots on the roof of nextdoor as b-roll.  this was one of my more challenging shoots as of late, and it was a fun exercise.  a lot of the shots ended up more flare-ey than i would have wanted but it’s beginning to grow on me.

friend and fashion designer matt breuning was on hand to style the shoot, which featured a few nice bits of outerwear kindly provided by lovelessism.  good stuff.  mahalo to everyone involved, and hopefully more will come soon!


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