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a few months back, the manifest asked me to shoot a benefit art show for the oahu spca.  the oahu spca is the only no-kill animal shelter on the island, and like every totally amazing nonprofit out there they can always use even more volunteer support and donations to increase the levels of awesome that they can reach.

i got to spend a morning with a few of the oahu spca’s incredible dog walkers and a few of the special canine guests at the oahu spca’s kennel.  some of the stories i heard about the dogs i photographed were pretty hard to handle, but as you can see in the images the resilience and good spirits of these animals is really touching, despite their difficult past. i chose to shoot this show using my favorite vintage fuji color print film, nps 160 (RIP circa 2007).  i chose the film approach because i love the look of nps 160 overexposed two stops…the colors blow out in a cartoony, cheerful way and since it was at one point my favorite film ever, i’m pretty familiar with how it reacts to various exposure conditions.  i wanted a happy look for this show because all too often these kinds of SPCA  fundraising efforts use the combination of “cut my wrists in the bathtub after downing the whole bottle of xanax” sarah mchlaghlin music and a bunch of depressing black and white photos of sad, messed up dogs approach to guilt trip people into donating. instead of taking the pity route i wanted to focus on the positive aspects of these animals, and on the new lease on life the spca strives to give the animals in its care.

mighty printing generously donated the printing services for the show, and it was up at the manifest last month.  it was  easily one of the most enjoyable things i’ve gotten to do with a camera this year.  to learn more about the oahu spca or to volunteer your time with them, you can go to oahuspca.org.


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