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things have been so busy for me that updating honozooloo is long past being a distant memory.  it took me a few minutes to remember my wordpress password when i first set out to write this post.

case in point: i shot an amazing wedding on the kohala coast of the big island a few months back. more about that soon! anyway,  after wrapping on the wedding at about 11 pm, i caught a few hours’ sleep before making the drive from hawi to puna (about 80something miles) to shoot an assignment for flux hawaii.  i think i left hawi at 4am, and got to puna around 6. the sun rose as i rounded the corner into hilo bay.  just another day in the life of a freelance photographer, i guess.

orion is a taxidermist based on the big island.  i got to spend a little time seeing (and shooting) the process he goes through while preparing a specimen for preservation, and i got to know him a little bit.  he’s a great guy, and it was a great opportunity to get to watch him work.  it was straight to the airport after the shoot wrapped, and i was back to life here in honolulu.

the hours sometimes suck and the work is always a challenge but i wouldn’t have it any other way.  it’s always great to connect with what you do at a personal level and as always, i’m so stoked that i’ve had the opportunity to get to do what i do.


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