my name is aaron.

i’ve been taking pictures of things for the past 14 years. i started shooting skateboarding back in the day and never stopped. i’ve contributed to magazines, newspapers, and i am a galleried artist.

i also design things. for print. for web use. and for fun.

finally, i’m a geek. i write code, configure networks, mess with DNS, and get nerdy with anything high tech, shiny, and new.

i am a freelance photographer, designer, and consultant with 8 years’ experience doing what i do. my client base is varied and diverse and i can work with all types.

if you’re interested in hiring me, get in touch and let’s see what i can do for you!

photographic proficiencies

  • 35mm platform: DSLR, film photography, E-6, C-41, D-76 processing, lighting, portraiture, directed photo shoots, event photography, photojournalism, product photography
  • 120: Holgas, bronica platform
  • misc: toy cameras and pinhole photography

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design proficiencies

  • logos, company identity development/branding, color consultant
  • media: web-based (static and dynamic), print, magazine, and anything in between!
  • marketing materials, ads, bleeding-edge marketing and design: social networking, web 2.0, SEO (search engine optimization), product placement, and guerrilla marketing
  • packaging design, product design, collateral design & development, including flyers, busines cards, brochures, literature, and more!
  • rock star: album covers, posters
  • layout and typographical development in web, digital, and print environments

geek proficiencies

  • windows xp, windows server 2000, windows server 2003, apple os x, redhat linux (and other various flavors)
  • the adobe family (photoshop, indesign, pagemaker, illustrator, dreamweaver, lightroom)
  • programming languages; html, css, java, php, etc.
  • databasing: ms access, mySQL, filemaker
  • droneware: ms office, apple iWork
  • network design: domains, ms server clustering, ms server design, ms-based network management and design, os x networking,
  • TCP/IP, DNS, VPN, NAS, SANS, ms exchange, ms iis, blackberry server, veritas backup, cisco routers, wifi, VNC, VOIP, etc.
    hardware installation/maintenance: hd data recovery, everything from building to repairing desktop/laptop/server hardware

i’m guilty by association (my crew affiliations)


all design work and images taken in a commercial capacity and posted on is ©honozooloo media llc, or copyrighted by its respective client.

i license all images photographed pro-bono under creative commons licensing. anyone interested in using one of my images in a commercial capacity is welcome to contact me for permission. artists, performers, and others interested in high-resolution copies of the images posted on or my fotki are weclome to contact me.

Creative Commons License

This work by aaron k. yoshino is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.